Projet DP/MP Materials

VisiJet® Dentcast

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VisiJet Dentcast Dental Wax-up Material is formulated specifically for production of dental prosthesis wax-ups used to produce high-quality, smooth surface crowns, copings and other related dental prosthesis and restorations. The material provides repeatable accuracy to ensure proper fit everytime.

VisiJet® Pearlstone

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VisiJet Pearlstone dental material prints dental models that are accurate, economical to produce and offer the appearance of dental stone.

VisiJet PearlStone is compatible with all intraoral, impression and plaster scanners and prints models for crowns, bridges, orthodontic devices, implants and partial dentures.

VisiJet® Stoneplast

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VisiJet Stoneplast Dental Model Material provides for low-cost, convenient production of dental models directly from digital data for dentists and dental labs looking to streamline workflow, reduce turn-around time and improve accuracy and quality.