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Projet x60 Series

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  • Widest Color Scheme – Select from a range of printers and asssociated color options, from monochrome printing to professional quality with full CMKY, to create beautiful, full-color parts
  • High Throughput – With 5x-10x faster print speeds than all other technologies, you can build large or multiple models at the same time in hours. Increase throughput with the stacking and nesting capability and select the Draft printing mode (monochrome) on Pro models to print up to 35% faster. 
  • Generous Build Volumes – With a build volume of 20 x 15 x 9 inches (508 x 381 x 229 mm), the large capacity ProJet CJP 860Pro is the right choice for designers, engineers and architects who need to create very large models or high volumes of prototypes—up to 96 baseball-sized models in a single build.