Leave everything to us

Cost- and time-efficient, we optimize the productivity and life cycle of your company’s hardware assets. By monitoring devices in real time, we save our clients an average up to 30%. An ACT contracts live and breathe, which gives them the flexibility to change with your organization’s needs.

How our process works

  1. Discover: We will conduct a Manage Print Services (MPS) audit to understand your requirements. This process will assess your current print fleet and print behavior, capture project requirements and determine a total cost of ownership for the current state.
  2. Design: We will use your MPS audit results to design a print and document solution that meets and evolves with your changing needs. We’ll work with you to define the business case, propose the service solution and clearly state the guaranteed savings.
  3. Transition and implementation: Our team will implement a program to ensure a seamless transition to your new managed solution by using a defined methodology, training and communications to support both your organization and end users.
  4. Support and manage: Our team will ensure your print fleet and document workflows maintain optimum performance over the long term.
  5. Review: MPS will capture service and performance information to deliver continual improvements and support your evolving organizational needs.