ProJet MJP 3600 Series


Get up to 2X faster print speeds than competing plastic 3D printers, and up to 4X faster batch processing for streamlined production to achieve functional designs with high resolution. Built for ease, this office-ready series of ProJet MJP printers stands out among the rest.

The ProJet MJP 3600 Series is a plastic multi-material 3D printer series and the latest in 3D Systems’ MultiJet Printing (MJP) line of 3D printers. This MultiJet device was designed to create high-fidelity and high-performance parts with:

  • An affordable price
  • An office-friendly footprint
  • Easy part processing

High-quality parts

Get fine details and smooth finishes like no other 3D printer with the MJP 3600 series:

  • True-to-CAD quality and accuracy
  • Superior edge fidelity and surface finish
  • Tested performance reliability and quality


Produce more parts quickly with print speeds up to 2X faster than similar class printers. And with high-capacity build volume and automated batch processing, you can increase flexibility and accelerate design repetition and validation for better product quality.


Choose from a variety of available VisiJet® MultiJet 3D printing material combinations to create high-performance plastic designs that are durable, watertight, heat resistant, bio-compatible, and much more.


Office compatible and easy to use, the ProJet MJP 3600 Series offers a mostly hands-off unattended process from file upload to finished part. With a streamlined and safe batch post-processing unlike other competing 3D MultiJet printers, you can create intricate finished parts up to 4X faster.



  • Validation prototyping
    • Design verification and testing
    • Assemblies, including snap-fit
    • Water-tightness applications, fluid flow visualization
    • Functional high temperature testing and use of plastic
    • USP Class-VI compatible medical applications
  • Rapid Tooling
    • Injection molding tool production for short runs
    • Jigs and fixtures
    • Master patterns for RTV molding
    • Dies for forming applications
    • Extremely fine-detailed casting patterns


  • Using MultiJet printing technology
  • Offers a maximum build envelope capacity (W x D x H): 11.75 x 7.3 x 8 in (298 x 185 x 203 mm)
  • Print in a choice of seven durable plastic materials
  • Choose between the ProJet MJP 3600 or 3600 Max 3D printers, depending on build volume and resolution requirements
  • Streamlines design-to-print workflow with the new 3D Sprint™software capabilities
  • Delivers fast and easy post-processing with the MJP ProJet Finisher (optional)


  • Get more parts faster with a high-capacity file-to-finished part process
  • Create high-fidelity parts you can rely on
  • Enjoy exceptional sharp edges and fine feature definition
  • Get greater geometric freedom with effective support removal
  • Use your choice of high-performance plastic materials engineered for active use
  • Built to fit within your office
  • Enjoy a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


VisiJet M3 Procast (MJP)
Dark blue castable plastic
VisiJet M3 Techplast (MJP)
General purpose plastic, gray
VisiJet M3 Navy (MJP)
General purpose plastic, blue
VisiJet M3 Proplast (MJP)
General purpose plastic, natural
VisiJet M3 Crystal (MJP)
Translucent tough plastic
VisiJet M3 Black (MJP)
High strength and flexibility black plastic
VisiJet M3-X (MJP)
White ABS-like plastic

Brochure Downloads

3D Systems MJP Series Brochure


3D Systems MJP 3600 Tech Specs


3D Sprint Brochure


3D Systems MJP EasyClean Brochure


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