Architecture and Engineering Firms Need Best-in-Class Wide Format Printers

The printers are designed for architects, engineers, and construction professionals to plot maps and CAD technical drawings. To meet the needs of high-paced offices, we provide plotters and wide format printing services for Connecticut firms.

It is vital for firms to invest in equipment that can handle blueprint printing's fine details and precision without breaking down.

Your clients need to be able to see and understand your well-designed plans at the beginning of every project. A wide format printer from ACT Group can provide the precise and clear detail you need.

Our wide format solutions are designed for speed, flexibility, and unsurpassed quality at an affordable cost-per-print. Print reliability and performance are our top priorities. Printing your detailed blueprint plans in-house can be efficient and cost-effective.

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How we Assist Architects and Engineers

With our plotters, you can print technical drawings, plans, maps, and renderings with crisp text and precise, accurate line quality.

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A Simple Approach

When it comes to adapting to hybrid workflows, architects and professionals need the right tools. We provide plotting solutions that are seamless, intuitive, and easy to use. With our tools, users can work quickly and accurately with the latest technology.
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Print Security

In order to help protect your devices, data, and documents, you need the world’s most secure large-format printers. Featuring a suite of advanced security features, these printers protect networks against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.
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Architects and engineers often lead the charge when it comes to environmentally friendly building solutions. An environmentally friendly office can be achieved by using smart print and copy strategies as well as eco-friendly inks.
Architectural Printers

Every detail counts for architectural printers.

We know how critical it is to have a high-performance plotter for your architectural and engineering needs. ACT Group offers the best printing equipment to meet the needs of architects and engineers. With our wide-format plotters, you can be sure you’re getting the best service in the industry as well as high-quality equipment.

Architectural and Engineering Printing Services

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Plotter Leasing:

With KIP’s wide format printing solution, you can print construction plans, maps, posters, and signs with speed, accuracy, scan, and copy capabilities. In addition, we offer flexible leasing terms to suit your budget and needs.
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Document Management:

Document management systems can include real-time document sharing, scanned images, automated document search, and retrieval capabilities. Your Connecticut firm will benefit from better workflow and efficiency.
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We guarantee that your large format printer is properly maintained to prevent major breakdowns. Keeping your firm running smoothly is our top priority. Our proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance ensure optimal plotter performance.
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We carry a variety of OEM and compatible supplies. Our subscription service lets customers keep their printers stocked with the ink, toner, and other supplies they need conveniently and cost-effectively.
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Managed Print Services:

At ACT Group, we increase your productivity and streamline your workflow by optimizing your printing operations. Among our managed print services are an analysis of your printing requirements, the installation and maintenance of your printing equipment, and cost-saving strategies.
Operator Training

Operator Training:

We provide training on using the machines and technical support for any issues you may encounter. We also provide ongoing support to meet your business’ printing needs.

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With our large-format solutions, we can meet the needs of architects and engineers. We use the latest technology and optimize it to fit the customer’s budget. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that the customer’s needs are met and that the process is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.