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Architectural printing services near me

Let ACT help with your Architectural printing needs.

ACT Group offers architectural printing services to local CT businesses.

Whether you need help implementing platforms to help with designing your floor plans or require high-quality prints for your blueprints, architectural printing services will help you achieve your goals. Architects require printers and print services that can quickly help them with their design and printing needs.

How do I determine the best architectural print solution?

Finding the right print solution for you will take extra work to determine your needs. We encourage businesses to be realistic about their printing needs, as the last thing we want to do is provide you with printing services that do not benefit your business.

Of the many factors to consider, we find the following to be the most important:

  • Print frequency
  • Print volume
  • Color vs. Black & White
  • Printed materials

If you are an architect, you are likely to print regularly. However, if you print infrequently (think less than ten times per week), investing in a more affordable option may be the way for you. Furthermore, consider the volume from which you print on a day-to-day basis. This goes together with print frequency, but you will need a more industrial model if you print multiple copies daily.

Depending on the size of your architectural firm, you may need to invest in a few different printers or services to meet the demand. Color vs. Black and White is also worth considering, as most architects prefer color for their blueprints. However, that is not always the case, and if you find yourself printing in primarily black and white, it is best to stick with a printer or solution that supports that.

Finally, consider the materials that you will be printing. Some printers and services do not support architectural prints, so it is essential to conduct thorough research to ensure you are making the most educated decision.

What architectural printing options does ACT Group offer?

ACT Group architectural printing services

We offer our local CT businesses a few architectural printing options and services that can help you keep up with the demand, including the following:

Our large format printers and plotters are also known as wide format printers and provide architectural professionals with their printing needs. With our large format printers and plotters, you can produce your technical drawings, detailed plans, and CAD drawings in record time! We offer the most popular manufacturers in the industry, including:

  • Ricoh
  • Kyocera
  • Canon
  • HP

Our large format printers allow you to print in large sizes with high-quality output. Our versatile printers print various materials, including canvas, fabric, and vinyl. As ACT Group (A BDS company), we go the extra mile to provide you with the best customization services to meet your needs.

We also offer managed print services so you can proactively manage your print environment. With our managed print services, you can catch errors, connectivity issues, and more with our monitoring system, giving you better management of your print environment.

Finally, we are proud to provide our local CT community with affordable purchasing options, including certified pre-owned options, so that you can enjoy the best equipment on the market at a high price. Learn more about ACT Group (A BDS company) that can help your print environment thrive!

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August 8, 2023

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