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BDS, a CT Copier Company Near You

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Looking for a copier company in Connecticut? Check out BDS!

Whether you run a small business, manage a corporate office, or work in a large institution, reliable copier services are indispensable. Choosing the right copier company can be overwhelming. Our BDS Connecticut office is here to help.

Why choose BDS as our copier company?

At BDS, our commitment is unparalleled when it comes to being Connecticut’s premier provider of cutting-edge multifunction copiers. With a focus on serving business-to-business needs, we also provide a diverse range of equipment and services, enabling organizations to allocate their time, finances, and other resources toward fostering innovation.

Copier companies near me: 5 Key elements to Look For:

Assess Your Requirements: Before searching for a Connecticut copier company, it’s essential to assess your printer and copier requirements. Consider your copying and printing needs, the type of documents you frequently handle, your budget, and any required features.

  1. Black and White Versus Color:

    Choosing between black and white and color copiers depends on your business requirements, budget considerations, and long-term objectives.

  2. Finishing Options such as Stapling, Folding, and Binding:

    Copier finishing options refer to the additional features and capabilities that can be applied to printed documents after they have been copied or printed. These finishing options enhance the appearance, functionality, and presentation of documents, making them more professional-looking and easier to manage.

  3. Print Volume:

    Print volume refers to the total number of pages that are printed within a specified period, typically measured over a month or a year. Understanding your print volume is essential for managing printing costs, optimizing printer usage, and ensuring that your printing infrastructure meets your organization’s needs effectively.

  4. Do you print Letter, Legal, wide format?

    Copiers are versatile machines that handle various paper sizes to accommodate printing needs and document formats. Choose a copier compatible with the paper sizes you require and can handle them efficiently without causing jams or other printing issues.

  5. Faxing capabilities:

    Fax capabilities in copiers provide a convenient and efficient means of transmitting documents electronically, complementing other document management functions and enhancing productivity in the office.

Leasing Versus Owing Your Copier:

The decision to lease or own a copier depends on a range of factors, including budget, usage requirements, technology needs, and long-term business goals. This initial assessment will help you narrow your options and focus on companies that fulfill your needs.

Software solutions: Managed Print Services (MPS) and Document management:

Print software solutions encompass various applications and tools designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of the printing process, from document creation and management to print job tracking and cost control.

Inventory and Product Availability:

Once you have a list of potential copier companies, look at their product offerings. Consider their brands, the range of copier models available, and whether they offer new and refurbished machines. BDS is an authorized Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, and Kyocera dealer with over 3,000,000 million in stock, ready to be delivered within 48 hours throughout Connecticut.

Evaluate Service and Support:

Copiers are complex machines that require regular maintenance and repairs. Therefore, choosing a company that offers excellent service and support is crucial. Our response times for service calls are less than 3 hours, with the availability of replacement parts from our warehouses. Our copier leasing contracts include ongoing maintenance, so you never worry about downtime.

Consider Cost and Pricing Options:

Cost is, understandably, a significant factor in selecting a copier company. As an authorized copier dealer, we can get you the best pricing for your business needs. BDS has transparent pricing, including upfront costs, ongoing maintenance fees, and additional supplies or upgrade charges.

Software Solutions:

Beyond providing copiers, we offer additional services such as document management solutions, managed print services, and cloud printing solutions. Consider whether these additional services align with your Connecticut business needs and can help streamline your print management processes.

Copier Features:

Whether you’re looking for a copier or a high-volume multifunction device, BDS in Connecticut has you covered. Schedule a consultation with us to get started.

February 29, 2024

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