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Common print mistakes to avoid

Learn about the most common print mistakes with ACT Group.

Learn how to prevent the most common printing mistakes.

Printing mistakes are sometimes more serious than an occasional headache. Print mistakes can cost your business tons of money, which is frustrating! Save your organization money and limit frustration as we show you a few of the most common print mistakes and how to avoid them.

What are the most common print mistakes?

Paper jams are the most common printing mistake.

Whether your business focuses solely on print design or text, printing mistakes will undoubtedly affect the quality of your print job. Many of these mistakes boil down to carelessness regarding attention to detail and needing more extensive printing experience. Here are a few common printing mistakes and how to prevent them from damaging your office environment.

Paper jams:

Paper jams are some of the most common printing mistakes that most businesses deal with. Paper jams occur for various reasons, but usually, these happen when the paper is loaded incorrectly into the tray or if your paper rollers are damaged. If not handled swiftly, paper jams can cause serious concern over the life of your printer, leading to more significant consequences.

To avoid paper jams from reoccurring, be sure to stick with only one type of paper for your printing. When you use different materials that aren’t compatible with your printer, you are more likely to run into paper jam issues. Also make sure that you are not overfilling the paper which will also cause damage to your printer.

Faded and blotchy ink quality:

High quality ink and print jobs are a priority to businesses everywhere. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is faded or blotchy ink from poor quality. Faded and blotchy ink will make your prints look messy and unprofessional.

To avoid this, make sure that you are using the correct ink and toner for the specific model of your printer to avoid poor ink quality. Similarly, using the correct printing paper is crucial to maintaining high quality prints. You can usually find this information in your technical specification manual.

Printer connectivity problems:

When you set up a printer, you will realize that in order for the printer to operate, it needs to be connected locally or through a network. Sometimes, the network or internet you use to connect your printer can be unstable, which causes problems for your print jobs. This isn’t an easy fix, especially if you don’t have experience with printers or computers.

Solving these problems isn’t always straightforward, so there are a couple things you can try. First, we recommend you unplug and restart your printer to see if that helps. Also make sure your cables are securely connected or if you are using a wireless connection, that your network is working properly. You can also run your printer’s troubleshoot system to identify the problem.

Sometimes, more action is required, which is why we recommend you reach out to a specialist at ACT Group (A BDS Company) to assist you with your connectivity issues.

How can ACT Group help?

If you are experiencing any issues with your printers or copiers, ACT Group (A BDS Company) is prepared to address them. We have the best service technicians certified and trained to maintain and service printing equipment from popular brands like Xerox, Canon, and Kyocera.

Fill out a service request today, and we will connect you with one of our experts in record time! Be sure to follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to stay up to date on the latest industry news and trends.

June 27, 2023

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