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Is a Kyocera lease right for you?

Kyocera lease agreement

ACT Group (A BDS company) offers Kyocera lease services to local CT professionals.

Kyocera is recognized for its innovative design, efficiency, speed, and ability to adapt to modern technology needs, like mobile printing, making them one of the leading printing brands in the world. Kyocera copiers, printers, and multifunction devices are highly sought after and can be pricier. ACT Group (A BDS company) offers Kyocera lease options to local CT professionals looking for high-quality printing technology.

Before jumping into your Kyocera lease, you should determine if a lease is right for you. Although a Kyocera lease is more cost-efficient overall, there may be instances where purchasing a device right out may be the better option for you.

Benefits of Kyocera leasing

The case for leasing Kyocera office technology

The cost of office equipment is the most significant factor any business considers before investing in office technology. Printing technology is expensive and, if not effectively used, can cost your business thousands of dollars a year in faulty or unused equipment.

A popular financing option for Kyocera office equipment is leasing. Leasing allows businesses to adopt the most innovative office technology at a fraction of the price. Often, these leases come with flexible payment options and terms, making them a perfect choice for businesses just starting.

Larger businesses can benefit from leasing Kyocera office equipment as well due to usually requiring multiple machines to satisfy their printing needs. Instead of purchasing various devices which will cost a higher amount of money upfront, you can lease your printers and adapt the number you use after your lease is up.

An adaptable printing solution

As your business grows and expands, so do your printing needs. You will likely want to upgrade your equipment as you grow to meet your business’s demands. Upgrading has never been easier with leasing, as ACT Group (A BDS company) offers flexible upgrade options and lease terms.

We can even help you anticipate future needs as you grow! If you have specific goals in mind for your business in the future, be sure to share them with your local print partner ACT Group (A BDS company) so we can help set you up for success down the line.

Who should avoid leasing Kyocera equipment?

For businesses looking to build equity with their equipment, avoiding a lease for any printer equipment is your best bet. Printing technology is expensive, and depending on your industry, purchasing Kyocera equipment may financially make more sense. If you rarely print or don’t care about upgrading your equipment regularly, you are better off buying the equipment right out.

The process of investing in Kyocera office equipment isn’t black and white. Businesses can always lease equipment and purchase the equipment right out or upgrade to something new. ACT Group (A BDS company) is here to help you develop the best printing solutions and finance options for your business. Request a quote now to get started!

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August 15, 2023

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