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Looking for digital document solutions? ACT Group can help!

ACT Group offers digital document solutions for our local CT communities.

Technology continues to grow rapidly worldwide, and businesses are trying to keep up with the demand. Many offices have switched to work-from-home or hybrid working models, which makes the need for digital document solutions more important than ever.

At ACT Group (A BDS company), we provide document management services that allow you to manage, share, and send digital documents quickly and securely with your team. We offer a wide range of solutions that we design specifically for you, our partner, to address your industry’s unique challenges.

How will digital document solutions help my business?

Working with digital documents provides businesses with many benefits, including better security, improved efficiency, real-time data, and the ability to access any device with internet access. Digital document solutions help make this happen with the ability to manage devices and documents remotely.

For instance, think of storage for your documents. When you work with physical documents, you likely store them in a physical cabinet or, if large enough, a separate filing room. This traditional method can be highly tedious and cause unnecessary steps for efficiently managing and storing your documents.

With digital document solutions, you can easily create folders for individual users to store documents while maintaining control over where documents are stored. If you are working on a large team with many different departments, this will be especially helpful, as the likelihood of documents being misplaced becomes even lower.

Do you regularly work with confidential data?

ACT Group digital document solutions protect against cyber attacks.

If so, digital document solutions will be a great help to you. Security is our number one priority when working with businesses that regularly manage confidential data. We can guarantee that our services will protect your documents from being stolen or misplaced with our comprehensive document management services.

The last thing any business wants to deal with is a data breach, which is why we take this aspect seriously when creating document management solutions for your business. ACT Group’s managed print services allow users to print and digitize information anywhere without compromising security. This is a huge relief for businesses operating remotely, providing an extra layer of protection.

Who are document management solutions best suited for?

ACT Group (A BDS Company) has experience providing document management solutions to a wide range of businesses from different industries, including the following:

As you can see, our reach expands beyond just one industry, and this experience has allowed us to learn about the unique challenges that may be threatening your print environment. This helps us shift and adapt our solutions to meet your needs.

Are you ready to get started on your document management solutions? Request a quote today, and we will connect you with an ACT Group associate within the next 48 hours! To stay updated on the latest industry news and trends, be sure to follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

July 11, 2023

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