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Postage Machines for CT Small Business

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Partnering with ACT Group (A BDS Company) for your postage machine needs can help save your small business time and money.

Are you tired of running to the post office to print postage? ACT Group (A BDS Company) offers a solution to this burden that can save you substantial time and money on postage costs. Our postage machines will help your small business print postage, shipping labels, and all other postage-related things quickly and efficiently. Plus, we offer affordable finance options tailored for small businesses to help offset the purchase cost.

Speed & Efficiency You Can Count On

The greatest benefit of incorporating a postage meter into your office is that it will help boost office productivity. Postage meters run at high speeds, so you do not have to experience significant downtime. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about waiting in line at the post office to print your postage.

A trip that normally takes up to an hour (sometimes more), including commute, can take as little as two minutes when you incorporate this device into your existing print infrastructure. This speed creates maximum efficiency for busy professionals with high-volume postage needs. Efficiency and Speed combined create optimal productivity for your office, where your team can collaborate and refocus their efforts on more important tasks.

Save Money on Postage

Cut Postage Costs

Another great benefit to investing in a postage machine is that you are guaranteed to save money on postage. Postage rates can vary, but some can be expensive, especially when considering the frequency of postage you print. With a reputable postage meter from BDS, you can accurately weigh your mail and calculate the exact price of your postage, ultimately saving you from overpaying for your postage.

Additionally, cheaper postage models on the market are designed specifically for small businesses. These devices are designed to send roughly 35 pieces of mail weekly and typically have a processing speed of up to 40 PPM. Small businesses do not usually require high-volume meters, so investing in a smaller postage meter will help them save money on the upfront cost of this device versus a more commercial postage meter.

Postage Meter Leasing at ACT Group

ACT Group (A BDS Company), your #1 local Connecticut print partner, offers postage meter leasing to local CT small businesses. Our leasing programs are designed to benefit small businesses in Hartford, Connecticut, with budget constraints. We create flexible and fair leases that work for you and your budget.

Additionally, our leases make upgrading your equipment more effortless than ever! Our seamless process is a winning method for countless local CT businesses. If leasing is not for you, consider purchasing one of our certified preowned postage meters. These devices perform at high standards. We put each device in our inventory through a rigorous testing process.

We guarantee your satisfaction when you partner with ACT Group (A BDS Company) for your postage needs! To learn more about our history of success and tips to optimize your print infrastructure fully, check out our blog for free resources. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest industry news and trends.

February 6, 2024

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