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Prevent mistakes in printing by following these few tips

mistakes in printing to avoid

Common printing mistakes can lead to costly and severe outcomes if incorrectly handled. Companies in Connecticut can avoid common printing mistakes by following the tips below.

Printing mistakes can vary in severity. Maybe you printed the wrong file and have wasted ink and toner on a document in the incorrect format. Or your printer is experiencing a malfunction requiring downtime. Many mistakes in printing can easily be avoided by following a few simple steps to ensure you always know what is happening in your print environment.

Manage and control print jobs with a local Hartford, CT area MPS provider

Unauthorized print jobs are costly and can be a massive waste of resources. Whether printing marketing materials or confidential documents, you will want to ensure you set a limit for the number of prints allowed. You can provide better control and management of your print jobs by investing in a managed print services (MPS) provider like ACT Group (A BDS Company), your local Hartford printing expert, to help you set controls on the number of print jobs in your environment.

When you invest in ACT Group (A BDS Company) for your MPS (Managed Print Services) needs, you can set specific limits on individual printers from each department. These services offer you a comprehensive eagle-eye view of your print infrastructure and can even alert and warn you of security threats and monitor your ink and toner levels.

Use the correct materials for your printer

Use the proper materials for your printer.

When printing, it is essential that you use the correct materials for your specific device. Each printing device brand and model will require unique ink, toner, and paper requirements to provide you with the most high-quality final print job. For instance, if your printer only requires black and white ink, do not try printing in color with color ink. Although this sounds simple, people would be shocked that not all printers can use the same ink, toner, and paper.

Beyond ruining your print quality, you can also destroy your device using the wrong materials. If you are trying to fit a large paper size into the paper tray of your inkjet laser printer, you may end up ruining the internal workings of your printer. The more internal the issue becomes, the less likely you are to remedy the problem on your own. That means you would have to find a print technician to fix the issue, which can be costly.

Perform regular maintenance with ACT Group (A BDS company) preventative maintenance program

Maintenance is paramount to the longevity of your printing device. If not properly maintained and cared for, your printer could be in bad shape. Sometimes, the damage is irreversible, and you are stuck with a nonfunctional printer, costing you tons of money. You can avoid this by performing regular preventative maintenance.

  • Some examples of preventative maintenance services include:
  • Supply replenishment
  • Regular printer cleaning
  • Resources for fully optimizing your print device

Some businesses, especially large and busy businesses, worry they will not have the time to perform these necessary services for their devices. Working with a local expert like ACT Group (A BDS Company) enhances your equipment’s performance. Unlike any other Connecticut printing companies, we won’t simply sell you a device and send you on your way. We want to see you thrive with our equipment and optimize your device to its best ability.

This is why we offer a preventative maintenance program to help busy business professionals create a schedule that works for them. ACT group (A BDS Company) will do the heavy lifting to send you alerts when your toner or ink is at dangerous levels or be there to provide supply replenishment should you run out. With a Hartford, CT office, we are quickly able to address any emergency or need, minimizing equipment downtime.

Request support today from your local Hartford printing partner. To learn more about our supply replenishment program and affordable print devices. Join the conversation by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn today!

December 5, 2023

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