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Sign your next Ricoh printer lease with ACT Group

ACT Group (A BDS company) offers leasing on popular Ricoh office equipment, including printers and copiers.

Leasing a printer is a fantastic option for businesses looking for a budget-friendly print option. Investing in the right printer can help boost business productivity and provide a wide range of benefits to your print infrastructure. Ricoh is one of the most famous printer brands in the world, and for good reason. If you are looking to sign your next Ricoh printer lease, consider ACT Group (A BDS company), your local print partner and authorized reseller of Ricoh products.

Why lease a Ricoh printer?

Lease a Ricoh printer with ACT Group

A knockout printer should perform at high speed, produce a large volume of prints in record time, and maintain superior quality. Ricoh multifunction printers and copiers deliver on these criteria. In general, the main highlights of Ricoh equipment include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Focus on high-quality prints
  • Variety in device function
  • Sustainable energy

Leasing a printer will help you save money in your budget. Ricoh has the perfect multifunction printers and copiers that reap the benefits of multiple machines in one. When you lease a multifunction device, you receive print, scan, and copy capabilities all in one device. You can reduce the number of printers, copiers, and scanners in your workspace to free up space and boost productivity.

Furthermore, Ricoh has built an impeccable reputation for maintaining high print quality with their print devices. Blotchy ink and hazy images are a thing of the past, and Ricoh understands this. They employ the best materials and technology to ensure your prints are up to professional standards, making them a game changer in the printing industry.

Ricoh printers are versatile and high functioning, so you won’t need many other devices in your print environment. As you begin to reduce the number of devices you use in your print environment, you may notice your energy bill drop as well.

Ricoh remains on top because they offer office products that can fit every type of business. If you are a small business, we guarantee there is a Ricoh printer model that is perfect for your business. Ricoh makes an effort to ensure every business and organization can benefit from high-quality standards.

Lease your Ricoh printer with an authorized reseller

We always recommend investing in a print partnership with a local dealer, like ACT Group (A BDS company). When you invest with ACT Group (A BDS company), you receive the high-quality standards of Ricoh equipment, with the expert knowledge and experience from our excellent sales and service team. Our team comprises industry professionals with years of experience working with Ricoh technology.

As certified resellers of Ricoh products, we have received the stamp of approval from Ricoh to sell, service, and maintain their equipment. Our team is trained extensively in learning how these machines work and how to service them should you encounter any issues. When you partner with us, you get the best of both worlds: A high-quality printer and superior service.

With over 40+ years of experience serving local Connecticut businesses, we have been able to expand and grow our knowledge. Whether working in finance or healthcare, we guarantee we can find the most suitable Ricoh printers to help you boost productivity in your day-to-day activities.

Contact us today, and we will connect you with an ACT Group (A BDS company) representative! We consistently post tips and tricks on our blog to help you optimize your office equipment, so be sure to check it out!

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September 19, 2023

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