The World’s First Hybrid FDM 3D Printer Is Here

Your company needs to stay ahead of the competition by cutting costs, speeding turn around time, and providing better quality products. Additive manufacturing can help you meet all these goals, but where do you begin? Customers that have never utilized 3D technologies are often turned off by the high cost of entry and manual post-processing…until now.

ACT Group is proud to announce a new reseller partnership with RIZE 3D, based out of Boston, MA. RIZE is disrupting the 3D printing industries with their patented printing process, Augmented Deposition, in combination with industrial class features compressed into a desktop machine. Robust and designed to work in any environment, the RIZE series printers release zero VOC emissions and required no trained technician or operator, making it the right choice for offices, schools and even factory floors.

RIZE’s patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process enables multi-material printing, with minimal post processing and use of safe, non-toxic and recyclable materials. APD involves the simultaneous extrusion of RIZE’s proprietary compound of engineering- and medical-grade thermoplastic and jetting functional inks wherever they are needed to change the material properties of the thermoplastic at the voxel level. Using this patented technology, RELEASE ONE release agent can be jetted in between the support material and the part for quick, easy and clean support removal with your hand immediately following printing. This series of printer essentially eliminates post-processing, producing a usable part up to 100% faster than competing technologies.

Due to the way that the material bonds during the Rize Augmented Deposition process, parts are able to retain much of its best-in-class Z-strength properties. These parts are watertight and isotropic, stronger than polycarbonate and 2x stronger than ABSplus. With RIZE’s digital augmented parts capability, it’s easy to add indelible markings, such as safety instruction, part details, QR codes and more.

A RIZE 3D printer solves the limitation of 3D printing for many businesses, such as site requirements and the hassles of part processing. This compact industrial printer combines strength, safety, security and speed for the most affordable and sustainable production of replacement and custom tooling, fixtures, jigs, and end-use parts. Contact us today for a quote!

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