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What are the benefits of Managed Print Services?

Learn more about ACT Group's managed print services benefits.

Technological advancement has made print management more challenging to keep up with and raises concerns over data security, print security, and, more importantly, print costs. The struggle to keep up has led many businesses to outsource print partners for a managed print solution. If you are in the same boat, you may be wondering about managed print services’ benefits.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a popular printing solution that allows your business to outsource your printing functionality to a third party, like ACT Group (A BDS company). Managed print services help busy businesses by allowing another printing company to monitor and support your print environment, so you do not have to.

Managed print services are an excellent option for all businesses, including both large enterprises and smaller local businesses. As your local Hartford, CT area print partner, ACT Group (A BDS company) can tailor our managed print services to help improve productivity, evaluate your printer fleet, monitor needs, and provide customer service.

What benefits can I expect when I partner with ACT Group?

Investing in a quality-managed print service to help elevate and propel your business to new heights is a big decision. So many variables may affect your decision-making process, from security to costs and efficiency. We are proud to address all these concerns and more with our comprehensive managed print services.

Some of the strengths you can expect when you partner with ACT Group (A BDS company) for your managed print services include the following:

  1. Secure printing: Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your printers? If you are working with confidential data or have general security concerns, we are prepared to address them. We will create a robust security infrastructure that will protect against any suspicious activity, especially from outside resources.
  2. Control Costs: Does your business have a budget in place to protect against waste print-related costs? Our managed print services can help with this, as you can control print-related costs better, including printing fleets, so you can better identify issues that may cost you more money soon.
  3. Service at your fingertips: If you find yourself running into some issues with your print environment, ACT Group (A BDS company) is here to help you solve them. Whether it is a repair, needing extra parts, or general counsel, we are here to help! Plus, when you invest in our managed print services, we include this service in the price you pay, making it a cost-efficient option!
  4. Boost productivity: Managed print services help your business create seamless workflows across all platforms, so you have a more efficient process to aid in the growth of your business. You can avoid having to jump through hoops and add extra unnecessary steps, which will make decision-making easier. Our MPS services encourage collaboration so team members can quickly share and scan documents to reduce strenuous wait times.
  5. A sustainable printing option: You would be surprised to know the amount of wasted paper per year from offices worldwide. This excessive waste of prints negatively impacts the environment and your print-related costs! Our Managed Print Services encourage staff to print only what is necessary to reduce paper waste. Because of how digital our managed print services are, you can expect staff to print less as there are many sharing and scanning capabilities among team members.

Are Managed Print Services right for me?

Trying to decide whether Managed Print Services are right for you?

If you are trying to decide whether Managed Print Services are the right printing solution for you, ACT Group (A BDS company) can help with a consultation of your print environment! We offer print audits to local Hartford, CT, businesses looking to improve their print environment.

Furthermore, with many businesses moving towards a more digital office with work-from-home initiatives, Managed Print Services are the only realistic option. They are easily the most efficient way to keep your print environment up to speed and keep your team connected worldwide.

To get started with our Managed Print Services, or for any other concerns, please fill out a quote today, and we will get back to you in record time! Check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest industry news and trends and our blog for tips and tricks.

June 20, 2023

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