Commercial printing companies in CT

Whether confronted with a sudden upswing in printing demands or seeking a reliable long-term solution, we provide a range of top-tier commercial business printers for lease and purchase.

We are committed to ensuring that your printing needs are met and exceeded seamlessly.

The ACT Group (a BDS Company) understands the significance of agility in today’s dynamic Connecticut business environment. Whether you require a temporary boost in printing capacity or a more permanent solution, our comprehensive leasing and purchasing options cater to your specific requirements.

We recognize that urgent printing needs can arise unexpectedly, and our flexible arrangements empower you to respond promptly without compromising on quality.

Commercial Printing Needs

Commercial Printing Services in CT

The ACT Group offers cutting-edge commercial printers capable of handling a variety of printing tasks efficiently. With our range of printers, you can expect reliability, speed, and precision that meet the highest industry standards. Whether you’re printing promotional materials or vital business documents, our printers will deliver exceptional results, allowing you to face any printing challenge with confidence.
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Speed and Efficiency:

High-performance commercial printers operate at exceptional speeds, significantly reducing large-scale printing time. The swift printing capabilities of these printers contribute to faster turnaround times, allowing businesses to meet tight deadlines and respond promptly to changing demands.
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Productivity Enhancement:

Designed to prevent breakdowns, minimize downtime, and ensure consistency. Commercial printers with automated features, such as automatic document feeders and duplex printing, enhance productivity and streamline processes.
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Cost Efficiency:

High-performance commercial printers have a lower cost-per-page than standard printers, making them cost-effective for businesses engaged in extensive printing operations. Some models incorporate energy-saving features, reducing operational costs over the printer’s lifespan.
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These printers often support various media types, sizes, and weights, allowing businesses to print on various materials, including envelopes, labels, and specialty paper.
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Advanced Print Quality:

Commercial printers have high print resolutions, ensuring sharp and detailed output suitable for various applications, from text-heavy documents to graphics-intensive materials. These printers have advanced color management technologies that ensure accurate and consistent color representation.
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Adaptability to Growth:

High-performance commercial printers scale with business needs. Whether it’s an increase in print volume or expanding the range of printing applications, these printers can accommodate evolving requirements.
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Secure Printing:

Many high-performance printers include advanced security features, such as secure printing options, user authentication, and encryption, ensuring sensitive and confidential information protection.
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Workflow integration:

Commercial printers can integrate seamlessly with existing office workflows, supporting various connectivity options and compatibility with document management systems and enterprise software.
Commercial printing companies in CT

The premier destination for Connecticut's commercial printing needs.

Our experienced team at ACT Group is dedicated to providing unparalleled support throughout your commercial printer leasing or purchasing journey. We offer transparent and customizable plans, allowing you to select terms that align with your business objectives. Whether you opt for a short-term lease to address an immediate surge in print demand or commit to a long-term solution, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Commercial printing companies in CT

With a commitment to reliable performance, our commercial printers consistently deliver results that Connecticut businesses can depend on. Their advanced technology and robust design guarantee a smooth and efficient printing experience, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall productivity within the office environment.