Driving Innovation with Custom Developed Additive Manufacturing Material

The world of Additive manufacturing is one that is constantly changing. New manufacturers emerge, systems are upgraded and consumables and materials change at a rapid pace; it can be overwhelming to keep up.

In the span of just three years since our initial application case study with Purps the Penguin, we have seen so many advances within that we knew we could achieve more. While the original design that Purps wore for over two years greatly improved the penguin’s quality of life, it did present some challenging drawbacks. The boot was extremely susceptible to wear and tear while worn by Purps on exhibit, meaning replacements needed to be printed frequently.  Additionally, the latch closure on the boot repeatedly failed as it deteriorated, resulting in the veterinary staff at Mystic Aquarium to have to secure the boot with tape, a timely process.

While searching for a better solution for Purps, we formed a partnership with LOCTITE, a division of Henkel. LOCTITE had plans to enter the additive manufacturing sector by creating a custom line of 3D printing resins that would change the outcomes of 3D Printing. The resins were unique in the sense that they possess properties that were hard to come by within Additive manufacturing, such as tear-resistance and high-temperature durability.

After several iterations and testing with the veterinary staff at Mystic, we felt fully confident that using the new LOCTITE 3D Printing resins would remedy the drawbacks with the previous boot, proving the LOCTITE’s resins are suitable for every application imaginable.

If you have a unique application project, you can shop the entire line of LOCTITE 3D resins, post-processing equipment, and bonders at your own convenience!



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