How to Clean your Office Copiers & MFP’s

During the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is doing their part and cleaning things more than usual. One spot that is easily overlooked is the officer copier. It’s one of the highest traffic areas in your office, and there’s a good chance you have never even thought about cleaning it. Although cleaning your copier is an important task, it is not one that should be taken lightly. Improper cleaning can cause significant damage to your expensive equipment. That’s why our service department put together a list of proper techniques for cleaning machines to share with you!

1. Never attempt to clean the interior of your machine.

Cleaning practices should be limited to the exterior of the machine only. If you notice toner build-up or any other residue on the interior of your machine, please do not attempt to clean it yourself as it could potentially damage the machine. Instead, request a service call for a trained technician to come and clean it out properly.

2. Avoid harsh cleaners and paper towels.

You should never use bleach or ammonia-based products to clean your machine. Instead, opt for disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial cleaners. You should also avoid using paper towels because they can leave lint residue under buttons or other components, which can cause problems over time. Paper towels should never be used any LCD display as the fibers can actually scratch the surface of the display, leading to cloudiness over time.

3. Do not spray cleaners directly on the machine.

When cleaning your copier, you want to avoid excess moisture getting inside. Instead of spraying cleaner directly on the machine, use something lint-free, such as a microfiber cloth, and lightly dampen the cloth with the cleaner and then proceed. Don’t forget to wipe down the handles to paper trays, which is another high-touch component of your copier. Avoid putting too much pressure on the machine, especially around buttons. A light touch with a slightly dampened cloth will effectively clean the machine without getting any moisture on the interior.

4. Don’t forget about the scanner glass.

If you have a multifunctional device with scanning capabilities, you need mindful about cleaning the scanner glass, also known as the platen glass. Over time, a residue can build up on the scanner glass, distorting imaging quality. Although it’s tempting, you should never clean the scanner glass with Windex or similar glass cleaners. You do not want any of the products, either wet or its vapors to get inside the scanning chamber. Over time, this could result in the fogging of mirrors or in some cases, mildew. Avoid paper towels as well, as they can leave behind lint or scratch the surface of the glass. The best practice for cleaning your scanner glass is a clean, dry microfiber cloth and light pressure on the glass. If there is a hard to remove residue, such as fingerprints, use a small amount of water on a microfiber cloth to remove.

5. Read the labels

If you are using products with the intention of disinfecting your copier, make sure to thoroughly read the product label first. Many disinfecting products require surfaces to be visibly damp for a period of time to be considered disinfected. If the surface dries before the time is up, you will have to repeat the process to ensure proper disinfection. While you want the surface to be damp, you do not want it wet. If your disinfecting wipe or cloth is dripping, you are using too much. If this is the case, seriously considering pulling your machine out and unplugging it to avoid any damage to any electronic components.

Everyone needs to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and keeping your high-touch office equipment clean is a great preventative measure. We hope that these tips help you feel more confident about cleaning your office equipment. Of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always here for you.

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