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Education institutions in Connecticut rely on print technology. Students need access to documents and printing to be fast, easy, and hassle-free.

There has been a drastic shift in educational environments over the past few years, as paper documents have given way to electronic documents that can be shared and stored.

ACT Group identifies printing pain points for Connecticut districts and schools. We know a broken printer, an empty paper tray, or a malfunctioning card reader can be a significant inconvenience for students.

Our solutions help prevent these issues and provide a better school experience. We help schools save money, reduce waste, and improve security. We ensure students can focus on learning rather than worrying about technical issues.

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The changing landscape of education requires that teachers, administrators, and staff have access to print solutions.

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Cloud Print Solutions

Our cloud print solutions enable users to print directly from their tablets, laptops, and smart devices whenever and wherever they want. In addition, multifunction printers (MFPs) and other print devices can quickly scan to the cloud.
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Print Security

To protect your devices, data, and documents, you need the world’s most secure printers. Featuring advanced security features, these MFP printers protect networks against unauthorized access and malicious attacks. ACT Group helps you manage your print environment for secure printing.
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With Multifunction Printers for Education designed for learning environments, students and faculty can collaborate digitally. Manage documents and folders in the cloud, as well as scan directly from the MFPs to learning management systems.
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Streamline the printing process for Connecticut faculty, staff, and students.

With ACT Group’s extensive line of printers and multifunction printers (MFPs), you can find the right product for the classroom, the administrative office, or the copier center. With an intuitive interface and touch panel, these all-in-one devices simplify the end-user experience and support a wide range of learning devices.

Improve communication between teachers and parents and protect confidential information with advanced security controls. Invest more time in the classroom and less time in paperwork.

Education Printing Services

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Multifunction Device Leasing:

You’ll find ACT Group’s multifunctional copier machines perfect for all your educational needs, including high-speed MFP copiers and compact printers. High productivity, low operating costs, easy to use, and high-quality prints.
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Document Management:

Despite the digital transformation, paper documents remain a part of education workflows. Integrating paper and digital content and managing print costs and workflows is challenging. Technology, solutions, and expertise from ACT Group can reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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Our trusted Connecticut advisors deliver services that increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and allow you to focus on improving outcomes. By monitoring and maintaining the printer fleet in a proactive manner, we ensure optimal performance.
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You can trust us to deliver OEM supplies on time—keeping users productive. You can keep your printer stocked with ink, toner, and other supplies conveniently and cost-effectively with our subscription service.
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Managed Print Services:

Managed Print Services helps users print and digitize information anywhere, on any device, without compromising security. As you transform your Connecticut institution, you can create a flexible, agile environment capable of accelerated growth by shifting to the cloud.
Operator Training

Operator Training:

We provide training on using the machines and technical support for any issues you may encounter. We also provide ongoing support to meet your Education printing needs.

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