Business Printers for Your Financial Institution

The financial sector relies extensively on printers as part of its office equipment.

By managing, automating, and streamlining print processes, we help Connecticut Financial Institutions reduce operational costs.

While so many advances have been made technologically and digitally, printed documents are still necessities in the financial industry. Your organization can integrate people, strategies, and applications through our banking and financial print solutions.

Adaptable to future growth and change, we offer customized print solutions that include copying, faxing, scanning, and printing.

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Drive down operational costs by automating processes, collaboration and managing printing.

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Reduce Paper Inefficiencies

Automate and streamline the application process for new accounts. By digitizing application forms and client correspondence, you can reduce processing times and eliminate paper. Enhance your business speed as a result.
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Streamline Operations and Reduce Printing Costs

In order to optimize your financial offices, you can be more efficient in the way you print documents, reduce paper waste, optimize documents, and reduce costs across all areas of your company.
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You can take advantage of electronic folders to store documents securely, as they allow users to upload, submit, audit, share, deliver, and archive documents easily. Multifunction devices can also scan directly to financial management systems so you can collaborate flawlessly.
Connecticut Finance Firms

We know Connecticut firms need speed, reliability, security, and cost-effective multifunction printers.

Our financial printing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise. We offer a full range of services, from managed printing, and copier leasing to document automation. Our team of experts can help you save time and money while streamlining your print operations.

Financial Printing Services

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Multifunction Device Leasing:

Leasing a multifunction device for your finance firm can be a cost-effective way to acquire the necessary equipment. ACT Group’s multifunctional copiers and compact printers are perfect for all your financial print needs. Easy to use, high-quality prints, and low operating costs.
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Document Management:

Effective document management is essential for financial firms to ensure compliance with regulations, maintain data security, and streamline operations. Technology, solutions, and expertise from ACT Group can reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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Effective document management is essential for Connecticut financial firms to ensure compliance with regulations, maintain data security, and streamline operations. By monitoring and maintaining the printer fleet proactively, we ensure optimal performance.
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You can trust us to deliver OEM supplies on time—keeping users productive. You can keep your printer stocked with ink, toner, and other supplies conveniently and cost-effectively with our subscription service.
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Managed Print Services:

Managed print services (MPS) can help financial institutions optimize their printing infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve document security. As you transform your Connecticut institution, you can create a flexible, agile environment capable of accelerated growth by shifting to the cloud.
Operator Training

Operator Training:

We provide training on using the machines and technical support for any issues you may encounter. Printer operator training is important for financial companies to ensure that their employees can operate printers effectively and efficiently.

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Financial firms need an MFP printer because it provides them with a cost-effective, efficient, and secure solution for handling their printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs.