Replacing the Copier: What’s In It For You?

Office equipment is so essential to daily operations of any business, but it can cost a decent chunk of change when it’s time to upgrade. While some business owners simply don’t want to spend seemingly unnecessary funds, others are just stuck in a ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ mentality. But hanging on to that archaic copier is costing your business more than you think. As it ages, it requires more frequent service and part costs increases as finding the necessary supplies becomes more difficult. Whether your business decides to lease new equipment or purchase out-right, upgrading your equipment has so many benefits that you’ll be throwing that old copier is the trash in no time.

Lower Maintenance Costs

There has been a shift in office equipment within the last few years, making it more focused on the end-user experience. Therefore, they require fewer maintenance calls and are built to last.
Additionally, newer MFP’s come equipped with a slew of monitoring programs that help detect issues before a service call is needed, which not only saves time of the end-user but also protects the longevity of your machine.

In case your machine ever does go down, we offer a variety of affordable service and maintenance packages to ensure your machine is always in tip-top shape. We have a same to next day response time on all services calls, so your machine will never be out of commission for long!

Lower OVERALL Costs

While lower maintenance costs are certainly a plus, lower overall costs are even better! All of our manufacturer partners ensure that their machines are energy-star qualified, cutting costs on electricity.  Customizable settings, such as auto-sleep and screen brightness can be changed to further boost your energy savings. Not only is your business saving money, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint!

With an updated MFP, toner doesn’t have to be the budget nuisance it is now. Our manufacturers offer technology to help deter toner costs, such as Kyocera’s Toner Lock Out function, which does not allow the user to remove the toner bottle until it has been completely depleted. Other partners, such as Ricoh, have programmable alerts. These alerts let the user know exactly when you’ll need more toner. This prevents ‘guestimating’ what’s left in the bottle and wasting unused toner.

Enhanced Security Features

Document security has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, with things such as HIPAA compliance changing the way we handle sensitive information. Today’s MFP’s come with security features that prevent unauthorized user and keep sensitive information secure. Fax machines are the biggest
headache for HIPAA compliant businesses, but a newer MFP could easily eliminate that, as they can come equipped with secure fax servers. For business where compliance isn’t an issue, Kyocera offers a card authentication program that only allows users to access the device when they swipe or scan an ID card. This type of technology is easy to implement and can be used with existing ID cards to avoid added costs.

Ricoh offers a program in which a username and password is required before any print job will be released. Both of these programs has monitoring capabilities that can enforce copy limits, which can reduce waste and save on supplies.

Improved Workflows

As mentioned previously, new machines are built with the end user in mind. With this new design, there are a slew of features that makes working easier for everyone. Kyocera HyPAS applications can connect to commonly used business programs, such as SharePoint or Square 9, to easily access documents right from the MFP.  With business travel becoming increasingly popular, mobile Printing from both Kyocera and Ricoh can help remote workers stay on task, wherever they may be. Memory Storage functions can provide insights on what users are printing to enforce accountability and reduce needless waste.

You shouldn’t wait until your copier is on its last leg to upgrade because there are so many hidden benefits to upgrading that your business can start reaping right away! If you are thinking about getting new equipment, whether it’s a lease or purchased, contact one of our account reps for a free assessment today!


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