Revolutionizing Information Access & Document Solutions When Working from Home

Many businesses across the United States are adopting a work-from-home model as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and it is vital that employees continue to have access to necessary information and an organized way to store essential documents. ACT Group provides custom document management solutions to a multitude of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and educational institutions. Information that is typically stored on servers or filing cabinets within office environments is now being accessed remotely, as more employees are connecting virtually. With confidential information created and processed at home, it is more important than ever for that information to be secure, compliant, and accessible.

In the healthcare industry, hospitals and medical centers must always maintain HIPAA compliance, so security is essential. ACT Group has revolutionized information access by facilitating the automation of patient admissions and insurance processing applications as telehealth becomes a more prominent facet of modern healthcare.

Another industry ACT Group has worked closely with is financial services, ensuring compliance with FINRA and additional regulations. As most finance businesses have been operating remotely since March, firms require protected files that are organized and easily accessible in a secure manner. ACT Group has helped finance firms to automate the naming and filing of documents as they are scanned, make files easily searchable, capture key information automatically, capture paper-free electronic signatures, and more. These services help to change the way businesses operate by ensuring a smoother and more secure document storage process.

ACT Group has assisted schools with collecting student data for the Common Core requirements for numerous educational institutions, which has enabled continued state and federal funding. In addition, these institutions have received services utilizing web-based forms, searchable documents, and automated naming and filing of documents as they are scanned into various systems.

To ensure that our clients have the best possible outcomes with their document solutions, ACT Group partners with a multitude of software partners, including CIMA Software, Hyland, Square9, PaperCut, Dokmee, and more. The projects that ACT Group takes on include document capture, web form creation and management, business process management, and electronic document management.

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