ACT Group is recognized as a prominent distributor of Canon printers among dealers in Connecticut.

With Canon Commercial printers, Connecticut businesses can streamline business tasks with cutting-edge features.

Authorized Canon Dealer in Connecticut

The ACT Group, a proud subsidiary of BDS Company, has established itself as the foremost Canon dealer in Connecticut, with its headquarters in East Hartford. Our Company is committed to excellence, unparalleled service, and expertise in providing cutting-edge imaging solutions.

Connecticut businesses can expect increased efficiency and reduced operational costs by integrating our Canon multifunction copier printers into their daily workflows. These devices are more than just printers; they are strategic assets contributing to a more productive, cost-effective, and sustainable business environment.

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Comprehensive Canon Product Portfolio

As the leading Canon dealer, the ACT Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of Canon products. This includes Canon printers, copiers, multifunction devices, and other imaging solutions. Connecticut organizations can benefit from a wide range of options to suit any size business requirements.
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Cost Efficiency:

Canon MFPs combine multiple functions such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing into a single device, reducing the need for separate machines. This consolidation results in cost savings in terms of equipment procurement, maintenance, and consumables.
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Environmentally Friendly:

Canon is committed to environmentally friendly practices. Many of their printers and copiers feature energy-saving modes, duplex printing, and eco-friendly design elements, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible printing environment.
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Reliability and Durability with Canon

Canon has a reputation for producing reliable and durable office equipment. Canon Multifunction copiers are built to withstand the demands of regular use in a business environment, contributing to long-term reliability.
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Canon Security Features:

Canon incorporates robust security features to protect sensitive information. This may include user authentication, access controls, and encryption, ensuring that confidential data remains secure.
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Comprehensive Document Solutions:

Canon printers support various paper sizes and types, as well as advanced document handling features such as duplex printing and automatic document feeders. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of document management needs.
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High Quality Printing with Canon

Canon is known for producing high-quality imaging solutions, and this extends to their Multifunction devices. Businesses can expect sharp and clear prints, whether it’s standard documents or high-resolution images.
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How can the ACT Group help with your Canon needs?

As an authorized reseller of Canon, our company is dedicated to delivering tailored printing solutions that precisely meet the unique needs of your business. We recognize that selecting the right printing equipment is a crucial decision that impacts your workflow, productivity, and overall operational efficiency.

Our print analysis involves a meticulous examination of your existing printing infrastructure, assessing factors such as print volume, usage patterns, and specific workflow requirements. Through this process, we gain a deep understanding of your business’s unique demands and challenges. This analysis forms the foundation for recommending the most suitable Canon brand and model that aligns seamlessly with your operational goals, whether you’re looking to enhance productivity, reduce costs, or improve document security.

Contact Our Canon Experts To Transform Your Office

Our status as an authorized Canon reseller signifies not only our access to the latest Canon technologies and products but also our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service. We stay informed about the latest advancements in printing technology and leverage our partnership with Canon to bring cutting-edge solutions to your business.