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As one of Connecticut’s premier Ricoh Dealers, ACT Group (A BDS Company) stands out from the rest.

Your Local Ricoh Dealer

With a commitment to superior customer service, technical expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of Ricoh technologies, ACT Group (A BDS Company) has garnered acclaim for its ability to meet and exceed the diverse needs of businesses in Connecticut.

With ACT Group’s status as a premier Ricoh Dealer, we can deliver unparalleled expertise and support to businesses looking for high-speed printers, advanced copiers, or multifunctional devices to seamlessly integrate into their workflow.

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ACT Group is committed to your success

Our strategic partnership with Ricoh positions us as an authorized and distinguished dealer of Ricoh products and solutions in Connecticut.
Cut print costs

Save with Ricoh:

The versatility and energy efficiency of Ricoh printers can contribute to cost savings. As well as optimizing print operations and reducing costs, Ricoh offers managed print services.
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Environmentally Friendly:

As part of Ricoh’s commitment to environmental sustainability, many of its printers are designed with eco-friendly features, such as low power consumption and duplex printing.
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Versatile Ricoh Devices:

Ricoh offers a wide range of printers, including single-function and multifunction devices (print, scan, copy, and fax). This versatility allows you to choose a printer that meets your specific needs.
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Ricoh Security Features:

Ricoh places a strong emphasis on security, and its printers often include advanced security features to protect sensitive information. This includes user authentication, data encryption, and secure printing options.
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Customization Options:

Ricoh printers often allow customization of settings and workflows to suit your specific requirements. This can streamline document management processes within your organization.
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Wide Product Range:

To meet the needs and budgets of consumers, Ricoh offers a wide range of printers. You can choose from Ricoh’s compact desktop printers, multifunction devices, large format or high-volume production printers.
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It's our pleasure to be your local Ricoh dealer.

We are your local Ricoh dealer near you in East Hartford, Connecticut. As an authorized Ricoh reseller, our dedication extends beyond mere transactions; we are here to provide tailored printing solutions meticulously crafted to suit your unique business requirements.

Choosing the right printing equipment is pivotal in shaping your workflow, elevating productivity, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. In this capacity, we aspire to be your trusted partner throughout this crucial decision-making process.

When you choose the ACT Group as your authorized Ricoh reseller in Connecticut, you are not just purchasing printing equipment. Instead, you invest long-term in a partnership devoted to your business’s success and growth.

We are the #1 Connecticut Ricoh Dealer

We promise to be your reliable partner in maintaining and improving your Ricoh printing devices. Print Technology is central to your operations, and our aim is to ensure that it delivers the results you expect, while providing peace of mind through attentive support.