ACT Group stands out as a leading distributor of Ricoh printers among Hartford Connecticut's dealer network.

The cutting-edge printers from Ricoh offer technological excellence, providing a comprehensive range of features tailored to Connecticut businesses.

Connecticut Ricoh Partner

The ACT Group (A BDS Company) is the leading Ricoh partner in Connecticut, headquartered in East Hartford. Our distinguished performance, unparalleled service, and expertise in providing cutting-edge imaging solutions have solidified our position as the premier choice for Ricoh devices.

Connecticut-based businesses can expect seamless integration of heightened efficiency and reduced operational costs into their daily workflows through our Ricoh multifunction copier printers. These MFD devices, serving as strategic assets, go beyond printers’ conventional role, fostering a more productive, cost-effective, and sustainable business environment. Our commitment to excellence ensures that businesses in Connecticut receive not just printers but comprehensive solutions that drive success and efficiency.

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Your Certified Ricoh Hartford CT Partner

Connecticut businesses looking to purchase, lease, or maintain Ricoh equipment can benefit from the expertise and support provided by Ricoh authorized dealers. This ensures a seamless experience.
Ricoh Advance Technology

Advanced Technology:

Ricoh printers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring high-quality prints, efficient performance, and innovative features. From high-speed printing to advanced scanning capabilities, Ricoh printers are designed to meet the demands of modern CT workplaces.
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Environmental Sustainability:

Ricoh is committed to environmental responsibility. Their printers often incorporate eco-friendly features, including energy-efficient components and materials, contributing to a more sustainable printing environment.
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Security Features:

Ricoh prioritizes the security of sensitive information. Many models come with robust security features such as user authentication, data encryption, and secure printing options to safeguard confidential documents.
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Reliability and Durability:

Known for their reliability, Ricoh printers are built to withstand high-volume printing demands, providing businesses with a dependable solution that minimizes downtime and ensures consistent performance.
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Comprehensive Support and Services:

As a certified Ricoh dealer, we offer comprehensive support and services. This includes regular firmware updates and maintenance services and ensures businesses receive ongoing assistance and optimal performance from Ricoh printers.
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Ricoh printers are designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. They often feature energy-saving modes, duplex printing options, and efficient consumables to help CT businesses reduce operational costs and minimize environmental impact.
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We are Hartford's #1 Ricoh Dealer

Whether your business requires precision in color reproduction for creative endeavors or demands robust security features to protect sensitive information, Ricoh’s printers offer a versatile and comprehensive suite of capabilities.

As Connecticut businesses evolve, so do Ricoh’s printers, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern corporate landscape. Elevate your printing experience with Ricoh’s state-of-the-art solutions tailored for the forward-thinking businesses of Connecticut.

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Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial recommendation – we stand by you, providing ongoing support, maintenance services, and updates to ensure that your Ricoh equipment remains at the forefront of meeting and exceeding your expectations.