ACT Group is recognized as a premier distributor of Xerox printers among dealers in Connecticut.

Xerox’s state-of-the-art printers offer a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of modern Connecticut businesses.

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We at ACT Group (A BDS Company) are proud to be Connecticut’s premier Xerox dealer, with our offices in East Hartford. Our outstanding performance, unmatched service, and proficiency in delivering state-of-the-art imaging solutions earn it this ranking.

Connecticut businesses can anticipate heightened efficiency and decreased operational costs seamlessly integrated into their daily workflows through our Xerox multifunction copier printers. As strategic assets, these MFD devices help foster a more productive, cost-effective, and sustainable business environment by transcending printers’ conventional role.

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Xerox Dealer Partnership

Connecticut businesses looking to purchase, lease, or maintain Xerox equipment can benefit from the expertise and support provided by Xerox authorized dealers, ensuring a seamless experience with Xerox products.
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Save with Xerox:

Over the long term, Xerox printers are designed to be cost-effective. The use of efficient consumables and features such as automatic duplexing contribute to the reduction of paper costs.
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Environmentally Friendly:

Xerox has initiatives and technologies in place to promote environmental sustainability. This includes energy-saving features, eco-friendly consumables, and recycling programs.
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Reliability and Durability with Xerox:

Xerox printers are known for their reliability and durability. Businesses can depend on Xerox equipment for consistent performance even under heavy usage.
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Xerox Security Features:

Xerox places a strong emphasis on security features in its printers. This includes options for secure printing, user authentication, and encryption, which are crucial for protecting sensitive information.
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Support and Services:

Xerox provides comprehensive support and services through its authorized dealers. This includes maintenance, repairs, and access to software updates, ensuring that businesses can keep their printers running smoothly.
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Connectivity and Integration:

Xerox printers often come with advanced connectivity options, including wireless printing and mobile printing capabilities. This facilitates seamless integration into modern Connecticut office workflows and allows users to print from various devices.
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As an authorized Xerox reseller, our commitment extends beyond mere transactions – we deliver tailor-made printing solutions meticulously designed to address your business’s distinctive needs. Recognizing the pivotal role that choosing the right printing equipment plays in shaping your workflow, boosting productivity, and enhancing overall operational efficiency, we strive to be your trusted partner in this crucial decision-making process.

When you choose the ACT Group your Connecticut Xerox authorized reseller, you’re not just acquiring printing equipment; you’re investing in a long-term partnership committed to your business’s success and growth.

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Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial recommendation – we stand by you, providing ongoing support, maintenance services, and updates to ensure that your Xerox equipment remains at the forefront of meeting and exceeding your expectations.