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We are an authorized reseller of FP Mailing Solutions. We make mailing simple with postal meters, folding and inserting equipment, envelope printers, and tabletop letter folding machines for Connecticut offices.

Send letters, large envelopes, and packages directly from your CT office.

We have a wide selection of Postage meters that can be customized to meet your business’s specific mailing requirements.

Using mail metering, you can accurately weigh and rate mail, print any postage amount, and get stamp discounts. We provide custom postage systems and sending technology to increase the efficiency, workflow, and reliability of your postal operations. Let us help you explore the different postage meter options based on your Connecticut office’s mail volume.

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Your CT business can benefit from a Postage Meter

Cut mail costs

Reduce Mail Costs

With Postage Meters, users can get discounts on postage from the United States Postal Service. This saves a lot of money over stamps. With USPS Priority Mail and USPS Express Mail, connecticut businesses can save up to 19% and 36% respectively.

Mail Account Tracking

Improved Accounting Tracking

USPS automatically updates Postage Meters to ensure you’re getting the best rates. CT Businesses will become more efficient and productive by tracking spending through your mail solution.

Postage Meter makes your mail professional

Boost Professionalism

Professionalize your business with metered imprints. Add a logo or message to your envelopes. Such attention can make your mailers more impactful and even generate more revenue for your campaigns.
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Enhanced workplace efficiency

The right postage meter can make your CT business’s mailroom more efficient. Faster than stamps, postage meters calculate rates automatically. Many meters seal envelopes as well.
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Increased security

Your business will be more secure with a postage meter. Mail is automatically fed through without manual intervention, eliminating error or fraud. Some of the most secure mail machines on the market use SealCheck technology.
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Easy and Convenient

You can download postage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a postage meter. You don’t need to go to the post office anymore.
Why choose us for your postage meter needs?

Why Choose us for your postage meter needs in Connecticut?

Your organization will look more professional, enjoy increased security, improve efficiency and productivity, and perhaps most importantly, reduce costs when you implement ACT Group (A BDS Company) mailing solutions. 

Change the way you send letters, envelopes, and packages. We can help you create an effective workflow and increase efficiency with the perfect postage meter.

Get started with a quote for a Postage Meter

You can save time and money by automating your mailroom processes with a postage meter. We offer several postage meters to suit your business’s budget.

Connecticut Mailing Solutions

Your CT postal needs met with PostBase Postage Meters

You can always get accurate postal rates with the PostBase series of postage meters.

Are you looking for FP postage solutions?

If you are looking to send letters, large envelopes, or packages directly from your CT office?