Construction Plan Printing

Construction companies often require printers that can handle large-format printing, produce high-quality prints, and efficiently handle the demands of a busy construction site.

With a blueprint printer, you can print all your architecture and engineering plans, construction sets, renderings, and blueprints in-house.

This eliminates the need for outsourcing to costly, off-site printing services. It also allows for a much faster turnaround time, enabling architects and engineers to quickly and efficiently produce plans and blueprints.

As a result, Connecticut Construction companies can save time and money while staying competitive. A blueprint printer can also help ensure plan and blueprint accuracy, reducing errors and rework. This increases the construction process’s efficiency and productivity.

Blueprint construction printer

Architecture, engineering, and construction industries benefit from our scalable and versatile printing solutions.

ACT Group (A BDS Company) understands how important it is to maximize your productivity in the construction industry by optimizing scanning and printing, document management technology, and managed print services.

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Precision and detail printing for Connecticut construction industry

Blueprint printers are known for their ability to produce precise and detailed prints. They use advanced printing technologies, such as inkjet or plotter systems, to ensure that fine lines, small text, and intricate details are clearly visible on the prints. This level of accuracy is crucial for construction professionals who rely on these documents for planning, execution, and coordination.
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Fast and efficient printing

Construction projects often require a quick turnaround time for printing plans and documents. Blueprint printers are designed to handle high printing volumes efficiently, enabling construction companies to meet deadlines and keep their projects running smoothly. They offer fast printing speeds, reducing the waiting time for critical documents.
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Our innovative print solutions can enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency within the Connecticut construction industry.

By leveraging advanced printing technologies, construction companies can streamline their processes, improve project outcomes, and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Construction companies can greatly benefit from utilizing a wide format printer to streamline their business operations.

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Efficient Blueprint Printing:

Construction projects often require large-scale blueprints and technical drawings. With a wide format printer, construction companies can quickly and accurately print large-sized blueprints in-house, eliminating the need to outsource printing services. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors or miscommunications.
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Quick Document Reproduction:

Construction projects involve numerous documents, including permits, contracts, invoices, and project reports. Having a wide format printer enables construction companies to reproduce these documents in-house, reducing reliance on external printing services. This improves efficiency and allows for faster distribution and collaboration among team members.
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Enhanced Visualization:

Wide format printers can produce high-resolution prints with vivid colors and details. This capability is beneficial for creating visual aids such as project renderings, signage, posters, and presentation materials. Construction companies can use these visual tools to communicate project plans, showcase designs to clients, and improve overall project understanding and collaboration.
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On-site Printing Capabilities:

In construction, the ability to print documents and plans on-site can be crucial, especially for remote job sites or construction trailers. With a wide format printer, construction companies can easily print updated plans, specifications, and other necessary documents directly at the job site. This reduces delays, improves communication, and allows for real-time adjustments.
Cut print costs

Cost savings:

By having an in-house wide format printer, construction companies can save costs associated with outsourcing printing services. They can control printing expenses, reduce turnaround time, and eliminate shipping or transportation costs for printed materials. Over time, these cost savings can significantly impact the company’s bottom line.
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Improved Project Collaboration:

Wide format printers facilitate effective collaboration by providing the ability to print and share large-format drawings and plans. Project teams can review and mark up prints during meetings, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This promotes better communication, reduces errors, and enhances overall project coordination.

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