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Local copier repairs CT at an affordable price

Local copier repairs CT

Need copier repairs in the Hartford, Connecticut area? Let ACT Group (A BDS Company), your local Hartford print partner, help!

Repairing your copier with a local print partner is always a great idea. Whether you are looking for multifunctional printer repairs, plotter repairs, or copier repairs, ACT Group (A BDS Company) can help! Just one quick search, “copier repairs CT” will hit you with an influx of services. Here’s why ACT Group (A BDS company) is your best bet for your local Hartford copier repair service.

Affordable and fair pricing to local Connecticut businesses

We value our local community at ACT Group (A BDS Company). We want to provide local Connecticut businesses with the most innovative and helpful equipment and solutions available. To ensure we can service all types of businesses and organizations, large and small, we have created affordable and fair financing options when you invest with us for your copier repair.

Our print experts conduct extensive research to ensure we provide the most fair and affordable pricing. This can be rare in this industry, as many third-party print partners take advantage of their partners by excessively up charging them. It is comforting to know that when you partner with us, we have already done the research and guarantee we will provide you with the best deal.

Our commitment to affordable and fair pricing boils down to our fundamental value or trust. We understand that trust must be earned. With over 40 years of experience providing Connecticut print solutions, we have built a reputation for reliability, trust, and excellent results. Our commitment to diversity and partnering with businesses of all varied sizes and from different industries makes us adaptable to whatever challenges you may face.

Pair this with our affordable repair service, and you will have a knockout repair service provider for your office equipment. Furthermore, if you invest in one of our programs, like our copier leasing program, you can get maintenance included with your one low monthly payment! This is an excellent option for small and large businesses looking to scale back on the price of office equipment.

Expert service technicians at your service

Excellent printer and copier repair service

What makes a great print service technician? A few qualities that come to mind when considering ACT Group (A BDS Company) service technicians are:

  • Expert
  • Talented
  • Dedicated
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative

Our service technicians are indeed one of a kind. We take the time to hand-pick a team of local service technicians with a passion for office technology and solutions and a dedication to giving back to their local community. ACT Group (A BDS Company) service technicians come from different backgrounds, but one common goal unites them: delivering high-quality and sustainable office and printing solutions to our local community.

Our service technicians really shine when it comes to customer service. Office technology can be filled with a bunch of jargon that may be difficult to understand. ACT Group (A BDS Company) service technicians have a knack for making this information more digestible. This ability allows them to better guide our clients from all different walks of life. We could not deliver our outstanding results without our service technicians!

Request support today for your copier repair needs

Request support today, and we will connect you with an ACT Group (A BDS Company) team member within the next 48 hours (about two days)! If you are looking for other printer repairs, including laser printers, multifunction devices, or plotter repairs, we can still help! Our service team is trained to service devices from the top brands in the world, so your device will be in great hands!

If you want to find ways to optimize your office technology, regularly check out our blog for added resources. We are constantly updating this resource with the latest innovations in office technology and solutions. Join the conversation by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest industry news and trends!

December 12, 2023

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