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Sign your next copier lease with ACT Group

Lease your next copier with ACT Group (A BDS Company).

ACT Group (A BDS Company) offers copier leasing to those in the local Hartford, CT, area.

Does your business need new office equipment, like a copier? If so, ACT Group (A BDS Company) can help. We have a tremendous inventory of multifunction copiers ready to address and solve your business needs.

Choosing the right copy machine for your workplace can be a challenge if you haven’t yet established what features you require in your office. ACT Group can provide a print audit to assess your print environment and printer and copier needs. From there, we can help get find the perfect print equipment to lease!

What is copier leasing?

Copier leasing is a budget-friendly option that offers businesses flexibility in payments and the ability to upgrade their equipment. When you lease a copier, you make direct payments to whichever print partner you are working with to use the equipment in your office environment.

Many small businesses we work with find solid benefits in their copier lease with ACT Group because small businesses often have limited funds to spend on office equipment. A copier lease will help a small business run copier machines that are highly innovative and efficient while also helping them save money.

Although copier leasing is popular among small businesses, it does not mean that more enterprise businesses do not find use in leasing over printing. For instance, if your larger business has a larger budget but would rather allocate funds to more meaningful projects at the office, leasing will help solve the problem. You receive reliable equipment eligible for upgrades as your business needs grow and can re-distribute those funds to build your business in other facets.

Why not just buy a copier?

Copier leasing benefits

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a copier. It is essential, however, to consider that every business has different needs to address, and for some businesses, there may be better options than buying.

For instance, leasing will be a stronger option if a business is rapidly growing year by year and needs equipment that can meet the demand. Leasing allows you to quickly update your equipment and lease terms to match your business needs, whereas buying and owning a copier means you must pay more money to upgrade the equipment.

This is why copier leasing works best for many different types and sizes of organizations. Regardless of whether you lease or purchase, businesses need access to a print partner that will adapt and shift with their changing business goals and strategies.

It is also worth noting that maintenance, supplies, and upgrades are all your responsibility if you purchase a printer. If your budget is tight, you might be better off leasing your next copier.

When you lease a copier with ACT Group, you receive maintenance and supplies from our highly skilled print technicians with only one monthly payment. We include those details in our monthly lease payments, so you do not have to worry about finding extra funds to maintain your copier.

What can ACT Group (A BDS Company) offer my business?

ACT Group is ready to offer your business the most affordable copier lease to fit your budget and needs. ACT Group is different from other local print partners because we take the time to consult and assess every unique circumstance facing your office environment and industry.

We have experience working with diverse industries, from accounting and finance, education, law, healthcare, and more. This experience has helped us strengthen our approach to providing the local Hartford, CT, area with printing equipment and solutions ready to tailor to your individual needs.

Stellar customer service is a hallmark of our success, and with ACT Group, you will receive the highest quality of service from when you sign your lease to once the equipment is installed in your office, guaranteed! We pride ourselves in serving our local communities.

If you are looking for other office solutions, print leases, or printing services, ACT Group (A BDS Company) can help! We have a fantastic line of multifunction and certified pre-owned printers and copiers from popular brands like Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Kyocera, and HP! Contact us today to get started!

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May 9, 2023

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