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What does a meter reading on printer mean?

Meter reading on printer at ACT Group

Learn about meter readings on your printer and what they measure with ACT Group (A BDS company).

Picture this: You are looking for a financially sound printing option for your office environment and have decided to invest in a used printer. You walk into any random print shop and purchase the first used printer without assessing for any history on the device. You then end up with a device whose life is more than halfway over and a hefty bill for a device you can’t use.

This is one of the worst-case scenario’s businesses could find themselves in if they do not conduct appropriate research on the devices, they are bringing into their office environment. More importantly, it is essential to partner with a local print partner with certified preowned printing devices. That way, if you run into any issues, you are protected by technicians who know how to service your printer correctly.

The above scenario could be avoided by performing a meter reading on printer control panel. A meter reading can calculate the total count of the number of prints over your device’s life. You can access this function by going to the control panel of most printers. However, when you shop with a certified local print dealer, they typically have the number available before purchase.

Why is a meter reading important?

How can a meter reading benefit my print environment?

Meter readings are important for a couple of reasons. First, if you’d like to avoid the above example from happening, a meter reading is essential. Businesses that invest in printers prior to reading the meter number end up disappointed over the life of their device. Not only will your printer not perform to the level that you may have expected, but you will also be left with costly maintenance fees to ensure it runs smoothly.

ACT Group (A BDS company) is big on transparency, but the truth of the matter is not every print partner is. Although we hope that businesses remain honest and reliable, it’s still essential that you have the resources and tools available to protect yourself from predatory print partners. For instance, if a shop tries to deny you the meter reading before purchasing, that is a red flag.

Furthermore, a printer meter reading will help you make a more confident decision about your investment. Typically, the more pages you print on a printer, the more you may encounter servicing and maintenance issues. However, that isn’t always the case! If a device has been properly maintained, it can last a very long time! At ACT Group (A BDS company), we can help you make the most informed decision with a complete history of the devices we offer for leasing and purchasing.

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September 26, 2023

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