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Need help printing confidential documents? Choose ACT Group!

Print securely with ACT Group

ACT Group (A BDS company) offers secure printing solutions for local Connecticut professionals.

If you work in finance, education, healthcare, or any other field that constantly works with sensitive information, you will need printing solutions that can help protect your information. Printing confidential documents requires extra precautions, including implementing measures like user authentication to help protect your information.

Cybersecurity threats are prevalent in many industries working with personal information or any other sensitive data, which makes protecting your confidential information even more critical. Some businesses understand the threat facing their print environment but are unsure which printing solutions can help. That is why ACT Group (A BDS company) is here to help with our services that will help protect your print environment!

What printing services are available to help protect my confidential documents?

When looking for a solution for printing confidential documents, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information online. Many options are available, including information security services, print management software, and other print devices to help protect your environment. ACT Group (A BDS company) wants to help simplify this process by providing you with one of our most popular printing options: managed print services.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services are some of the best printing services available for businesses focusing on the security of their documents. With ACT Group (A BDS company) managed print services, you can efficiently control and monitor your office printing fleet to maintain security and reduce print-related costs. Businesses gain direct control and access to any shared printer in their network or print environment, providing better control over who is printing and how much they are printing.

Our managed print services transfer successfully to many industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, and more! Handling sensitive data has never been more comprehensive! This option is incredibly successful for businesses or organizations who have adopted a hybrid or work-from-home approach in their daily operation. With managed print services, remote employees can securely share and manage data and documents.

Benefits of managed print services

Managed print services benefits

The benefits of managed print services have a rippling effect, meaning that you will find that one benefit turns into another. The reason is the comprehensive nature of these services. It continues to be one of the most popular investments local businesses make with ACT Group (A BDS company) because of how much these services offer businesses working with sensitive data.

Proactively managed print environment

Again, today’s focus is on data security and ensuring that you have proper precautions to guard against cybersecurity threats. Managed print services deliver when it comes to proactively managing your print environment from uncontrolled expenses and protecting against unauthorized users.

When you invest in our services, we assist you in creating multi-layered print security strategies that will protect the data of your employees and clients. Furthermore, we can help you proactively identify potential issues in your print environment before they become severe.

Cost-effective printing solution

Although the focus of today is on protecting data, protecting costs is equally important. You may be surprised that businesses can lose significant money annually because of uncontrolled print-related costs. Furthermore, if you have an unauthorized user taking advantage of your print infrastructure, it can cost you even more in print-related damages. Managed print services help ensure that you can better monitor and track the volume of printing in your environment, printing only what is necessary.

Maintenance and supply management when you need it

Remember how we mentioned earlier that one benefit typically rolls into another with managed print services? Maintenance and supply management is another great example of how these services can be cost-effective. When you have a team on call and available to help track and monitor your ink or toner levels, you do not have to worry about running out and supplying the ink yourself.

ACT Group (A BDS company) will take care of it, saving you more money than outsourcing the supplies yourself. The last thing you want is for your printer to stop working in the middle of a print job, and we take the time to ensure this does not happen by closely monitoring and refilling your supplies.

How can I start with ACT Group for my secure print solution?

All you need to do is request a quote today, and we will connect you with an ACT Group (A BDS company) representative within the next 48 hours. It is that simple! From there, we will take the time to assess your print environment and concerns to create the best office solutions for your printing environment!

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September 5, 2023

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