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What is print production, and how does it work?

What is print production?

Print production is a production management process that involves three separate steps to successfully print your documents.

One of the most common printing questions ACT Group (A BDS company) receives is, what is print production? Print production is a document’s internal process from the minute you conceptualize your print job to the final product. The print production process can be split into three stages: pre-press, press, and post-press. Each stage represents a significant step to getting the best result from your print jobs.

Pre-press stage

In this stage, the person creating the print job is the focus. In this stage, you will be double-checking to make sure the design, brochure, business cards, or document is clear and accurate. You want to ensure the design format, resolution, and file are up to par with your printing standards. You can take a few extra steps and measures to ensure your prints are accurate, including performing a color test.


The press stage refers to the printing stage of a print job. After double-checking your print for accuracy, you can send it off to the press stage, for printing. In general, very little is required of the person creating the print job in this step. Beyond sending the file to print, you will want to ensure that your printer is ready and prepped for printing. Ensure that there are no paper jams or low ink, which will affect the quality of your print job.

Some common press print methods include:

  • Letterpress
  • Gravure
  • Screen
  • Lithography

Post-press stage

post-press stage

The post-press stage is the final stage of your print job, where you receive the physical copy of your print job. This stage is self-explanatory, and any following steps will depend on your actual print job. For instance, if printing a booklet, you will be responsible for correctly assembling and stapling the pages together.

Once you receive the final copy, this stage allows you to add any finishing touches to your document. It can include trimming, folding, cutting, or bounding your documents. This is also the stage where you see if your efforts in the pre-press stage have paid off. You will want to ensure your document matches the desired result.

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November 28, 2023

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